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Transportation of pianos in Moscow

перевозка-пианино_москваA distinctive feature of piano transportation in Moscow is a road situation

Therefore, when we assess the transportation, we are always interested in the distance from the dispatch address to the delivery address of the instruments.

Except the piano transportation in Moscow, the service of piano utilization is widespread. The old, obsolete instruments, broken deck or simply the need to have free space in the apartment, force customers to contact Piano Service for help in recycling.

Often among our regular customers are those who need the secondhand instruments for decoration or interior. We are happy to help them.

Pianos, which did not find his owner in Moscow, Piano Service exports to the landfill.

Cheap piano transportation

Cheap and reasonable is our pricing policy. Often inexpensive transportation breaks a contract with one team and search for another.

The reason is that there are few professionals in Moscow, that’s why Piano Service tells you with pride about its uniqueness.

We carry about 300 instruments a year and are able to solve problems of any complexity. Narrow aisle, long staircases, high floors, descent into the basement – these are just some typical cases.

Unfortunately, we had to finish the job after an unsuccessful call. Be careful choosing a performer. Look at our pictures and save time by calling the professionals from our company-Piano Service!

Transportation of piano

perevozka_pianinoTransportation of piano is narrow-minded specialization. Piano Service Company has been transporting the pianos since 2007. We consider that Piano Service is a team of competent professionals.

The company has a unique experience in the transportation of musical instruments. We have to carry the piano upstairs on the belts 300 steps and we have coped with the problem!

People , large organizations, musicians and parents of young pianists call us.

We are trusted to transport musical instruments: the Moscow Philharmonic Society, the State Musical Theatre of the National Arts   V. Nazarov, the State Actor’s Theatre , the Cultural Center “ Moskvich “

We transport the piano not only in Moscow but also from Moscow to other cities. Our cars are adapted for the transportation of heavy instruments.

Our prices

cenyTransportation piano prices depend on the conditions in which the riggers will work.

The price includes the cost of transportation and packing. Packing of Piano Service is produced by its unique methodology. The piano is placed in a safe box100% eliminates scratches, damages and chipped.

To assess the transportation it is important to understand the following points: 1) the name of the instrument, 2) its size, 3) the availability of service elevator, 4) the degree of remoteness of loading and unloading addresses from Moscow Ring Highway.

On the phone, a fixed price is announced. Piano Service doesn’t take money from customer for an hour.

Piano Service provides discounts for regular customers. Also, customers can get discounts on the recommendation of our clients

Your instrument will travel in comfort. We transport your piano in the new car with soft suspension. We give a package as a gift.

Our news

Сегодня, 27 ноября 2016, мы перевозили немецкий инструмент Ed.Seiler (Эдуард Зайлер) по Москве. Фортепиано весило 250 кг. Работали 2 такелажника: спустили пешком с 5 этажа, перевезли и подняли на 2…

Сегодня. 26 ноября 2016, мы перевозили фортепиано марки Offenbacher Hoflieferant. Это довольно старый инструмент, к тому же довольно тяжелый: при высоте 145 см, украшенный деревянными элементами и канделябрами он весит…

Сегодня, 23 ноября 2016, мы перевозили немецкое пианино для Петра Айду и его “Приюта роялей”. Инструмент с меткой Berlin весом 250 кг мы спустили пешком со 2 этажа. Затем доставили…