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Transportation of piano

perevozka_pianinoTransportation of piano – unique service. For our estimates, 10% – the market share occupied by the transportation of musical instruments.. The reason is simple: Transportation of piano is hard work that requires good qualifications of the contractor.

Piano Service company works at the market of transportation of pianos and Grand pianos since 2007. During this time we had no turnover of staff. We work with professional riggers and appreciate their work.

The weight of the piano – from 90 kg (“Kama” from Perm factory) to 370 kg (“Red October” and the massive German instruments). To transport any piano we always send 2 rigger. On the stairs we carry piano on the belt, on a flat surface moving on the cart. We working very gently: the piano dosn’t move down off the floor and does not scratch walls and doorframes!

We work for major government and commercial organizations, for musicians and parents of young pianists.

Piano Service transfer musical instruments for the Moscow Philharmonic Society, the Moscow “Sovremennik” Theatre, Perm state order of the red banner academic theatre of Opera and ballet named after P. I. Tchaikovsky”, “Polyclinic № 1″ administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation, Moscow city pedagogical University, The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, “The Home of piano” by Peter Aydu, a network of cafe “the Dial”, MIKHAIL BULGAKOV MUSEUM,

Over our shoulders – transportation of pianos and Grand pianos in Moscow, from Moscow to cities in Russia and in the Crimea. Only new cars by Mercedes in our autopark. All auto are equipped to transportation of pianos and Grand pianos with saving a comfortable temperature.

Transportation of Grand Piano

Transportation of grand piano –it’s a qualified job for professional riggers. The weight of the grand piano: from the armchair to the concert it’s from 250 to 550 kg.

Grand Pianos minions, a baby Grand piano and a small concert Grand pianos in the Piano Service carrying 2 rigger. 3 or 4 employees are going to transportation the concert Grand pianos: the count of staff depends of conditions. In our case conditions – it’s the possibility of the removal: the width of the hall or stairwell, the strong ladder with the possibility to turn around.

Our riggers raising a piano 500 kg together. View our portfolio and make sure that every written word is supported by the case. We are able to make effective and quickly decisions. We transferred pianos at the close of stairs, ladders, stretching by 300 steps to the high floor walk-up, lowered the piano in the basement on strapping and shot it from the balcony of the 2nd floor of a private house.

An important point in the transportation of Royal – carefulness. We worked with more than 300 pianos a year, we have developed unique techniques and packaging technology. We put the piano in a tight cocoon of bubble wrap. Additional winding techniques allow us to 100% eliminate of the bumps, chips and scratches.

Another important point is maintaining the temperature. We move pianos in the new Mercedes Benz: cooling in summer and heating in winter in the cabin.

You need to move a Grand piano in Moscow, from Moscow to St. Petersburg, Sochi or in another city?. We carry acoustic pianos of all brands and families: FAZIOLI, Steinway & Sons, C. Bechstein, YAMAHA, Ed.Seiler, , ESTONIA, Petrof, Schimmel, Bösendorfer, Kawai, Blüthner, Kingsburg, Becker, Red October. Also Piano Service transportation to electronic pianos, pianos with pianodisc, electric piano, harpsichords and the positives.

Piano moving services in Moscow

перевозка-пианино_москваPiano moving services in Moscow – for us, it’s the time of planning to work. A major share of the transportation process – it’s a bad traffic in Moscow in working time. So, one of the issues in the preliminary conversation with the client – location for loading and unloading.

We planning start time of the machine previously. We inform the client about the time of arrival When we download a piano.

Aside from piano movers in Moscow, customers often call asking us about recycling piano. Sometimes, the old tool, broken soundboard or need in the space is a reason to call us asking about recycling piano.

Not all tools we discarding. We are holding in the waiting list of piano: schools, students and professionals often need a second hand, but reliable instrument. Very much needed piano for the interior or scenery for the play.

If a piano has not found a new home in Moscow – we will be giving it to a specialized place.

The prices

cenyWhy is the price for the transportation of the piano from some carriers 1500 rubles, and the other for the same job 3 000 rubles? To this question, we often answer the following.

We have a price for the transportation of pianos and piano depends on next conditions:

1) the weight and sizes of the piano. As a rule, clients do not have that information. So we just ask you to tell Brand, or the name of the piano;

2) the availability of the freight lift at the place of loading and unloading. If there is no lift – our stuff will carry on foot – and it will already other money;

3) the distance from Moscow addresses where pick up and where delivery

It is important: we calling a fixed figure for the carriage of tools. We do not deal with fraud by the hour.

Piano Service is responsible for the integrity of the pianos. Therefore, the transportation cost has the price of packaging. To transport the piano we ordered to sew branded case.

And to finish I would like to answer the question: Yes, we’ve done the work for other coworkers after a bad call for 1500 rubles. Savings on unskilled staff, old machines, lack of reliable packing and simple work skills with a heavy weight formed in the low price level. Just be careful when choosing a contractor. Our photos will save you time to finding a reliable contractor.

We know their regular customers and they carried with discount: not only pianos, and furniture and safes. Discount is available and on the recommendation of our customers.

Расчет стоимости перевозки пианино (фортепиано) и рояля

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