About us

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“You trust your piano or grand piano in good hands!” We say to all our customers, because we have been working since 2007 and we transport about 300 instruments every year.

Our experience

Each instrument has its weight (150 to 480 kg), its packaging, transportation and transfer.

It also takes certain time and speed of transportation. Sometimes it happens that our teams carry on 6 instruments a day

Therefore, we have great experience . Each member of our team faces about 200 non-standard situation a year!

Each difficult situation makes us more creative and stronger.

All the experience we give for our customers is ABSOLUTELY FREE .

Our responsibility

Line Manager ssesses the situation , chooses employees who are sent to the call.

He is responsible for ensuring that capacity and size of the car match the instrument. He is responsible for the instrument. We want our drivers be healthy and control the speed of the vehicle. It is not a secret that our car carries your instrument carefully and does not develop high speed.

Our responsibility is supported by the contract. We work in Moscow, a city of possibilities. We have seen different situations.

Therefore, our activities are transparent and we are fully accountable to the client.

Our customers

We are asked to move a grand piano or piano by individuals and organizations. At the request of the customer, we can come to the free assessment of transport or to give advice on the phone.

In our customers we see only decent people who understand that all work must be paid!